It's Like Some Kind of Marketing  "Kung Fu":

Finally, Get The Bulletproof Method You've Been Waiting for to Advertise Your Business with Unstoppable Confidence...and It's Gangbusters for Social Media!

WANTED: Passionate Entrepreneurs Confident in Their Products and Services and INSPIRED to Grow...

Leveraging strategies as seen in...


We have 3 core services backed by proven-to-work marketing "Kung Fu" designed to get you where you need to be...and quickly. Get access them as a one-off service or at discount with our monthly Marketing A.R.M. Program




What if you could feel 100% confident your next marketing campaign would actually work? Would you do it? Let's take a deep dive into what your golden clients REALLY want you to say to them!

  • Identify What Your Ideal Customers Really Want from You

  • Get Clarity About How to Inspire Your Customers to Choose You

  • Discover New Ideas on How to be Stand Out in Your Marketplace




Our video strategies cut right through the noise, build your brand, position you as an expert in your field, and attract ideal clients to your business.

  • Get Up to 10x Engagement Rates in Social and Real Leads

  • Cut Through the Noise and Get the Elusive Attention of the Social Media Generation

  • Gain Authority and Stand Out as an Expert in Your Field




Use a marketing funnel to move your prospects towards sale with none of the conversion-killing distractions found on 99% of websites.

  • Drive much higher conversion rates than your website

  • Get more bang for your buck out of your marketing budget 

  • Build a list of warm leads and automate much of the nurturing process to save time




"Awesome Recurring Marketing"

If you have an established business but need to leverage your time and spur growth, then our Marketing A.R.M. program is for you. Starting at less than a minimum wage employee, you get the expertise and assistance of a 6-Figure marketing director to help you do what you don't have time to do...spend hours learning and implementing marketing activities. Our program allows you to focus on running your business and closing sales. Plus, you get some awesome perks like 25% OFF (or more) of video production and custom funnel setups.

Focus More on Running Your Business

Save With 25% Off Video and Funnels (Or More!)

Avoid Profit-Killer Marketing Mistakes 

What We Can Help You Do...

With our planning strategies and campaign tactics you can expect high-quality results with confidence

  • Create More Golden Sales Opportunities

    What could you do with a steady stream of interested leads ready to learn about what your products and services can do for them?

  • Create Buzz with Social Branding Videos

    Video is the #1 consumed format for information and social content. Isn't time you actually use it to generate interested leads and make sales?

  • Become the Trusted Expert in Your Market

    When people know you, like you, and trust you they CHOOSE you. We know exactly how to show them you're their best option.

  • Get 3x to 10x Social Engagement

    If you're going to make social content, it better cut through the noise and get people talking. We have the formulas that work!

  • Discover New Ideas to Stand Out from The Crowd

    Is there some innovative solution no one in your market is offering to eager customers? If so, you can be the first. (P.S. The first one always wins!)

  • Focus on Sales. Not Marketing.

    Marketing is a full-time job and a stand-alone business skill set. Let us help you focus on the parts of your business you enjoy most.

Our 5-Step Process

  • Strategy Road Mapping

    Your strategy is EVERYTHING when it comes to marketing. Every client acquisition campaign begins with a road mapping session. This session determines who your ideal customer really is, what inspires them, and why they  should choose you. From this session we draw out sales copy, video ideas, and well-crafted offers to use for lead generation. 

    Step 1

  • Step 2

    Crafting Your Campaign

    Once your strategy is clear, we then begin production of advertising content. The emphasis is on video but may also include images, landing pages, and other content formats. All ad content is matched to your ideal customer's needs and desires. Your crafted offers are attached as a call to action to help generate leads from your campaign.

  • Go Live! 

    Once we have produced your ad content, we then setup and run the ads through marketplaces like Facebook, Google, and others deemed appropriate. We handle all aspects of ad submission including required graphic design, ad copy writing, technical setup, and troubleshooting. 

    Step 3

  • Step 4

    Monitor and Adjust

    Perfect ad campaigns are like unicorns. They don't really exist. Monitoring and tweaking your campaigns for performance is the key to getting unicorn-like results. As you campaigns run, we watch them closely and make necessary adjustments. This includes things like image changes, ad copy tweaks, landing page tweaks, and split testing.

  • Measuring and Reporting Back to You

    With every campaign we offer reporting and analysis. This is absolutely essential refining the performance of your marketing. By knowing things such as cost per lead and cost per customer you can identify where your marketing needs improvement or where it's working like magic.

    Step 5


People Do Business With People They Know, Like, & Trust

It may sound too simple, but the truth is that all great marketing focuses on just these 3 simple principles. If people know who you are, they like you, and they trust you, then they will choose you. Let's help you get there!

Meet The Team

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Founder & Strategic Marketing Advisor

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Strategic Marketing Advisor, Lead Generation Expert, closet musician and avid motorcycle fan

Partner & Video Production Specialist

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Video Production Entrepreneur, Real Estate Listing Specialist, and future Hollywood director

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