If You Want a Plug and Play Marketing Team to Manage Profitable Marketing Campaigns  for You And for Less Than The Cost of an Employee, Then Watch This...

Leveraging strategies as seen in...

Why Choose Marketing A.R.M.?

If you have an established business and need an instant marketing department so you can leverage your time and spur growth, then our Marketing A.R.M. program is for you. We build and execute a custom marketing game plan with you to get you the results you need to grow. All starting at less than the cost of a single minimum wage employee.

Free Up Your Time and Energy

Focus More on Running Your Business and Let Us Worry About Getting More People Interested In Doing Business 

Make a Smarter Investment

Get Qualified Marketing Direction and Campaign Execution For Less Than A Minimum Wage Employee

Increase Your Results

Enjoy 3x - 10x Better Social Engagement, an Influx of Leads, and More Bang for Buck on Ads

Enjoy Better Peace of Mind

Not Knowing What to Do to Grow Your Business is Stressful. Finally, Create a Marketing Plan That You Can Feel Confident In

Make More Social Impact

We Will Help You Create The Content You Should Be Posting on Social to Get People Knowing, Liking, and Trusting You with Their Business

Get Stellar Video Content

Our Social Video Branding is Awesome for Marketing. No A Pro on Camera? Not a Problem. We Know How to Make You Look Like You Are.

What's Included...

Marketing A.R.M. is designed to function as a plug and play marketing department for your business. Our role is to craft marketing campaigns designed to bring real interest in your business. Here is what's included...

  • Marketing Direction On-Tap

    You have an attorney for legal questions. You have a tax guy for tax questions. Now you have a marketing consultant to make sure you make good decisions about what marketing activities are worth your time, energy, and money. You get an open phone line to us with any questions.

  • FREE Strategy Road Mapping ($997 Value)

    Open your phone up. Punch in a destination. Doesn't it feel good to know how to get where you want to go? This is what a 90-min strategy road mapping session does for your business. We will help you craft a plan that you can feel incredible confidence in.

  • Ass Kick'n Sales Funnel

    Why a sales funnel? Simple. They increase lead and sales conversion rates dramatically. Increase conversion rates means you pay less for advertising to get a result. We use a cutting edge sales funnel system called Kartra. You get a free account managed by us as long as you are a client. 

  • Magnetic Marketing Messages

    No sales funnel is worth anything without compelling language that will evoke an action out of it's visitors. We know what words to use to let your ideal clients know you're the right choice for them. We call them "Magnetic Marketing Messages" and use them anywhere a prospect will engage with you such as an ad, email, website, and more. 

  • 25% Off Video Production

    Ever dreamed of having your own in-house video production crew? It will cost you big if you go for it. Why not leverage our crew only when you need them at wholesale rates. Plus, we bring to the table social branding video formulas proven to generate real leads and interest in your business.

  • Ad Campaign Management

    Our social branding videos and sales funnels are meant to send targeted traffic to and get results. We will manage up to $5,000/mo ad spend and create all the ads for you to drive you leads and sales. We use Facebook, YouTube, and Google Ad platforms.

  • Behavioral Ad Targeting

    Say what? It sounds complex. We can explain how it works later, but just know we have the ability to predict if someone will do business with you and only show them your ads. As you might imagine...it just works better. Kinda cool, huh!

  • Real Time Reporting

    Want to check in on your marketing at a glance? No problem. We provide you with transparent access to your ad accounts as well as a performance dashboard showing you what's happening in your sales funnel. Measurement is one of the most critical aspects of marketing. Even the pros don't nail every campaign the first time. Measuring helps us adjust until we are dialed in.



We understand that who you trust to help your business grow is a critical investment. We believe that good business relationships don't need to be forced because they are a win-win. We require no long-term contracts for our standard Marketing A.R.M. program. All we ask is for 30-days notice of cancellation. 

Eric Coplen

Owner/Founder RiseUp Web Marketing



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