Use These 4 Social Video Formulas to Gain Attention, Build Interest, Cultivate Desire, and Get Leads for Your Business...

Video is HOT right now...but are you using it the right way or just pumping out fluff that no one see, likes, or cares about?

Leveraging strategies as seen in...

What Could You Do With Responses Like These?

Social Ad Responses | Consultation Requests | Information Requests

When people are asking the right questions, what they are really asking is for you to tell them how to get what they want. They are primed for purchase...all you need to do is follow-up and nurture their interest in your products and services!


Facebook and YouTube friendly. Use them for ads and on our Website.

Each of these examples are actual ads we have or are running right now. These work to generate social engagement and leads.

Formula #1

Meet A.I.D.A.

A.I.D.A. stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Perfect for direct response, social engagement, and lead generation! This is one of our most power ads! Perfect for Facebook video marketing and proven to generate leads.

Formula #2

Hero's Journey

Inspire your potential prospects with a story they can relate to...YOURS! The hero's journey is a story telling theme used in Films like Star WARS and Lord of the Rings. Now you can use it to stand out in the crowd as the unique individual you are.

Formula #3

The 10x10

The 10x10 is designed to close the gap between interest and action.This campaign includes up to 20 videos and builds MASSIVE TRUST by helping your prospects understand what they need to know to be an informed consumer. The result...they choose you.

Formula #4

"Trust Factor" Profile

People want to know who they are doing business with. Let us help you put your best foot forward with our trust factor profile videos. These powerful videos are perfect for knocking interested prospects off the fence so you can close the deal.

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